3D Deer Animated (Fur) model



3ds Max 2016 |  V-Ray 3.5

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Product Description

Let us introduce to you our Deer Animated model. Originally modeled in 3ds max, and using bone tools to create custom rigging, and great animation sequences.
If you are in need of a great deer model to be used in your masterpieces such as broadcast, advertising, posters, trailers, films and so on simply press ‘ADD TO CART’ button!SAVE from 110 to 150 hours of work of professional 3d artist on the creation of such a model from the beginning. Our model is ready to use after download!Our Deer Animated model has V-Ray SSS material with high resolution multi-tile textures. This Deer model has clean topology and is good in one iteration of smoothing.
Deer have such ANIMATIONS:Run Front 5 – 21 keyframes
Walk Front 30 -61 keyframes
Idle1 65 – 134 keyframes
Eating 145 – 184 keyframes
Breath 190 – 219 keyframes
Idle2 225 – 269 keyframes
Cry 275 – 331 keyframes
Frame rate: 30fpsTutbosquid previewer looks slower so, please download preview video at the right side of this page, to see animation in real speed.
3ds max native bones tool was used to create rig.
Some part of rig created using expression, constraint and so on for better looking animation.Please read the Instruction file before using rig (file included in product archive).All bones, control objects are hidden in separate layers.Base T-pose is hidden in -1 keyframe=========POLYGON COUNT==========
Polygon count:
11095 polygons without smoothing (without meshes for growing fur).30895 polygons with meshes for growing fur.=========FUR==========
Native Hair&Fur modifier was used to create a fur on deer body, so no additional plugins required!Hair curves for re-creating hair in the another applications is hidden on separate layer
=========MAPS AND SIZES==========
Model mapped using multitile textures and has:8192×8192 Diffuse texture.
8192×8192 displace texture.
8192×8192 Normal bump texture
2048×2048 Eyes texture=========RENDER==========
Render was made using HDRI map, you can use any other map for best result.Render version: Vray 3.5=========UNIT SYSTEM==========
Unit of measurement used for the model: cm=========ADDITIONAL==========
No postprocess work on preview images!Need older 3ds max file version? Contact us using support ticket, we are always ready to help!=========RATING==========
We will be grateful for your ratings and feedback about our product.===================
Best regards, Missset!

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